Friday, February 28, 2014

Thrift Store Formal (POSTPONED [again])!

So, as some of you are now aware, the winter weather decided to make its potential presence known once again on the weekend of the Thrift Store Formal.  Since many different weather reports say many different things about what tomorrow night will be like, we just cannot be sure what to expect.  Thus, yet again because of the weather, we have decided it is best to push the dance back one more time.  I know this is not everyone's favorite decision, but please understand, again, that YOUR safety is very important to us.  Since we cannot guarantee that the roads will be safe tomorrow night, this is the plan.

So... Instead of driving 25+ miles to the dance, we will be having a movie night at the LIFE House.  This is much less driving, less of a risk, and if the weather causes you to not be able to make it, you aren't missing such a big event as the Formal.  So, at 6:00pm tomorrow, at the LIFE House, we will be having a movie night.  Bring your pillows and whatever else.  There. Will. Be. Snacks.

Thank you all for understanding!

In His Love,
Austin Brackett

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