Friday, November 15, 2013


Hey all!  The Serv-A-Thon is tomorrow, and, despite some rain in the forecast, we are going to still plan on serving! If it's raining just a little, we're going to push through and try to get the work done anyway.  If its pouring cats and dogs (metaphorically, of course), we will push this back one more week.  In the morning if you aren't sure whether or not it is cancelled, check here!

We are meeting at the LIFE House at 8:00am!  If you're late you'll miss out on some breakfast food!  Teams will be (finally) announced!

Please remember to bring:
-Sponsor money (the money you've been raising)!
-Rakes (please label them with your name, just to be safe)
-Work gloves (unless you want calloused hands and blisters...)
-Warm clothes that can get wet incase it starts raining while we are working
-Water bottles (even though it's cold we still need to stay hydrated)

We WILL be having a small breakfast as well as a hearty, big lunch!

See you all THEN!


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