Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 LIFE Teen Ministries Serv-A-Thon!

2013 LIFE Teen Ministries Serv-A-Thon. #servathon
As some of you may know, we've just announced that LIFE Teen Ministries will be doing a Serv-A-Thon fundraiser this year!  In response to some budget cuts that left our special events (all events outside of regular Sunday and Wednesday night LIFE) unfunded.  This includes events such as our annual Lock-In, our Harvest Fest, Christmas party, etc.  Our goal is to raise enough money to fully fund all special events for a full year!

This event is split into two parts.  The actual Serv-A-Thon EVENT [has been rescheduled! and] will be taking place on Saturday, November 16th.  On this date, we will be meeting for a small breakfast, then going out in small teams to serve individuals and families in our church (and possibly outside as well) who are not able to get their yards ready for the winter on their own.  This could be for health reasons or age reasons.  So, we are going to be doing all of this work for them.  After all of the work is done, we will be meeting back together for dinner and to celebrate what God has done!

The second part of this event happens in the days leading up to [the rescheduled date] November 16th.  Students will be seeking for people outside of our church to sponsor them in this project (similar to how one might ask for someone to sponsor them in a run for cancer).  Students will be asking teachers, friends, family, etc. to sponsor them with any amount of money for this project and for the cause of funding our special events for the year.

These two parts come full circle in that, the service being done is the cause, the funding of the special events is the goal, and the result is that we will be able to put on special events during the year that will be completely free, allowing students to invite their friends, their classmates, etc. to the events.  

Students who wish to sign-up for this event should contact Austin or Lee Ann (  Students will be split into teams prior to the event, allowing for teams to choose a team name and a team logo.  The team that raises the most money, collectively, wins the honor of signing their team's signature onto The Golden Rake and taking a picture with The Golden Rake, which will then be printed, framed, and mounted on the wall in the LIFE House, next to The Golden Rake itself.  The individual who raises the most money wins The Mini Golden Rake, which they can take home, keep, and cherish.

Any questions should be directed to Austin or Lee Ann.


Austin Brackett

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